Go Japan ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Tokyo

(My apologies for not updating this for almost a year, gone hibernating… i guess)

DAy 6 & DAy 7

We took the Shinkansen  to go back to Tokyo.


We bought Bento Box  for lunch and Mochi for dessert!   I just love love love these! ♥

When we arrived in Tokyo, we just spent this day to rest and take in the view from our hotel.



Day 7

This is my first try doing a time lapse.  I called it good morning Tokyo 🙂 .


We ate our breakfast at Girandole. Yum Yum.  It was good  and  it comes with a view!


Bagel, smoked salmon, Wasabi cream


Eggs Benedict,  Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce





View from Girandole


Then later that night we went to Shibuya.



To see the statue of Hachiko, alight at the shibuya station and take the Hachiko Exit.


Shibuya Crossing

Since we are the  Shibuya area,  we went to eat dinner at  Ichiran Ramen


Ichiran Ramen


How to order:

  1. Select and purchase your ramen from the vending machine.
  2. The staff will pass you a piece of paper to customize your ramen.  You can select the noodles texture, strength of flavor, onions etc.
  3. Wait to be seated.
  4. Once you are in your booth. The staff will serve your order



5. Enjoy your ramen. Itadakimasu 🙂

Ichiran Ramen– Shibuya : Open 24 hrs.

Address in Japanese:  Japan, 〒150-0041 Tokyo, 渋谷区Jinnan, 1−22−7

1-22-7 Jinnan | Iwamoto Bldg. B1F, Shibuya 150-0041, Tokyo
(3 min walk from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit)                                                                    Phone number :  +81 3-3463-3667


Go Japan ♥

DAY 1  –

     We arrived at Haneda Airport around 4PM.  It was raining heavily in Tokyo.  We straightaway went to the JR Travel Service Center to exchange our JR pass.  It was easy, the staff can speak english and  they were very friendly.  You can choose and decide which day you want the  JR Pass to be activated, it will start counting the 7 day pass on the day you first used it .

Located near the Tokyo Monorail 2F Ticket Gate/Arrival lobby

Located near the Tokyo Monorail 2F Ticket Gate/Arrival lobby                       

  Then we bought a PASMO card, you  can  use it to ride trains and buses both in Tokyo and in Kyoto. It is easy to purchase and  top up the Pasmo card. The machine have an english option, so don’t fret 🙂

       Then we are all set to go out of the airport Yay!  We took the train to go to our hotel.  After a few stations the train is getting crowded.  After a few stops, I looked outside the train window.  It was still raining heavily  and then  I saw this river, the water is almost overflowing and running very fast.  That’s the time we realized we took the wrong train, oh noes! Instead of heading to Higashi-Ginza station, in which our hotel was located  we ended up in Yokohama! OMG! hahaha.  We decided to get off on the next station.  By this time, the train was so packed! Hello rush hour! How are you? In case you ask me I think we are lost! To top it off it is raining heavily and it’s getting dark!  Not a good timing to get lost. Hahaha.  We had a hard time getting off the next station. The door opened at the other side and we are on the opposite side. As we tried to say our “excuse us” and made our way to get off the train (either the  train  was so packed or they can’t understand us)  no one was moving to give way.  The people behind us who also wanted to get off, started pushing us. Then we have no choice but push/squeeze our way out!  I don’t know how many feet I have stepped on or if my luggage or my friend’s heavy luggage ran over any feet, as we struggle to get out while saying sorry.  Whew!  We were able to get off on time before the door closed. Both of us laugh after we realized what just happened.  We asked for directions on how to go to Higashi-Ginza Station from the train staff.

     Upon reaching the station, we decided to walk because  the rain seemed to stop… Not!  Just after we walk a block or two, it started to rain heavily again.  It was around 7 pm and it was dark already.  We asked for directions from a guy who is in front of a Pachinko establishment.  After getting directions, we thanked him and walk a few steps . We stopped for awhile and struggled to find our umbrellas that is inside somewhere in our luggage.  To our surprise, the same guy who gave us directions came to us and gave us two umbrellas to use. We didn’t expect this act of kindness from a stranger.  After thanking him, we kept on walking and looking for our hotel.  We seemed unable to find the hotel, so my friend asked again for directions,  this time, from two middle-aged ladies. To my surprise he was asking them  in Japanese (when I asked him later on he said he wanted to surprise me, he learned basic Japanese conversations).  Aside from giving us directions they even walked with us and took us near the hotel. On our first day we have experienced the kindness of the Japanese people.  Getting lost, walking under heavy rain and getting drenched didn’t seem to be a bad thing at all.  Instead we appreciate the experience and I felt admiration for the Japanese people :).

     We booked 1 night at the Tokyu Stay – Higashi-Ginza as I originally wanted to go to the tuna auction. It is ideal.  It is very near the Tsukiji Fish Market.  We decided not to go to the tuna auction.  We are travelling to Kawaguchiko the following day and for sure we are not able to wake up that early ;P.  The staff at the reception can  speak english. The room size is a bit small however it is clean and the  toilet is clean and spacious.

     We decided to go out and  eat dinner at Ippudo. While trying to locate the ramen shop , it started raining heavily  again.  It took us quite awhile to  find it. We thought it was on the main road, and it doesn’t have an  english sign. We just matched it to the picture we checked online. By the time we were able to find it, we were drenched again ;P.  Hot ramen  for a rainy night





Ippudo (4-10-3 Ginza | 1F Central Bldg., Chuo 104-0061, Tokyo) Higashi-Ginza Station (Asakusa line), exit A8.

     When we went back to the hotel, we were still drenched.  It is very convenient that the hotel room itself has its own washer & dryer. We were able to  wash and dry our clothes at the comfort of our own room.  Next time,  I can travel light if I book accommodations like these :).  Needed to sleep early  as we planned to eat early breakfast at the Tsukiji market and leave for Kawaguchiko.