Go Japan ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Tokyo

(My apologies for not updating this for almost a year, gone hibernating… i guess)

DAy 6 & DAy 7

We took the Shinkansen  to go back to Tokyo.


We bought Bento Box  for lunch and Mochi for dessert!   I just love love love these! ♥

When we arrived in Tokyo, we just spent this day to rest and take in the view from our hotel.



Day 7

This is my first try doing a time lapse.  I called it good morning Tokyo 🙂 .


We ate our breakfast at Girandole. Yum Yum.  It was good  and  it comes with a view!


Bagel, smoked salmon, Wasabi cream


Eggs Benedict,  Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce





View from Girandole


Then later that night we went to Shibuya.



To see the statue of Hachiko, alight at the shibuya station and take the Hachiko Exit.


Shibuya Crossing

Since we are the  Shibuya area,  we went to eat dinner at  Ichiran Ramen


Ichiran Ramen


How to order:

  1. Select and purchase your ramen from the vending machine.
  2. The staff will pass you a piece of paper to customize your ramen.  You can select the noodles texture, strength of flavor, onions etc.
  3. Wait to be seated.
  4. Once you are in your booth. The staff will serve your order



5. Enjoy your ramen. Itadakimasu 🙂

Ichiran Ramen– Shibuya : Open 24 hrs.

Address in Japanese:  Japan, 〒150-0041 Tokyo, 渋谷区Jinnan, 1−22−7

1-22-7 Jinnan | Iwamoto Bldg. B1F, Shibuya 150-0041, Tokyo
(3 min walk from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit)                                                                    Phone number :  +81 3-3463-3667


Me and Jillian

dumbellsWell…I owned these for about two years now … and finally…yes finally (nodding my head in disbelief),  after my long procrastination , I was able to use them . You are asking me what made me decide to move my butt and exercise? My answer  :To be healthy and fit.Yeah right! hahaha.  Aside from going to Bohol and planning to go on the beach for summer, I have accepted the fact that  I am not as young  as I used to be and having reached my 30s (don’t ask me which part 30s I’m referring to 🙂 ) ,and throughout the years of being a couch potato and the only exercise I have done is exercising my fingers by using the remote control in changing the channels when I watch TV or by playing D3 or CIV 5  in my PC  (which keep me sane ,by the way ). Yes, I am trying to change a bit of  my lifestyle by doing a 20 minute plus exercise a day, or else die early or something like to that effect as the doctor said when I had my annual physical exam. No major illness (thank God) , but I was advised to lose weight and do some lifestyle modification = exercise and diet. And so I am  in the road of going back to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. No major dieting ( I will go mad if I do haha) but to  just  eat in moderation and   exercise  —> I am trying this exercise for 30 Days – 30 Day Shred Level1. And oh boy, It felt like dying on my first few days – My legs , feet and arms were screaming and cursing me as I drag and make them work for me . Maybe they wondered what is happening and they were shocked,  the panting and grunting as I push my body to adapt on these new routine. Whether I get back on the track and see results and will this exercise will be effective… we will see after the 30 days If will stay faithful to thee…

Happy fiSh…

I went to a pet store today as I need to buy new fish for my aquarium as the old ones had gone to heaven..may their scales rest in peace…. As i was choosing which fish to buy,  one fish caught my attention. It was like looking and smiling at me .I even have to ask my friend “can you see that?it looks like it is smiling at us!”. I need to confirm I haven’t gone bonkers haha. My friend and her brother agreed that the fish really looked like smiling. So I decided to buy a pair .I don’t know what  they are called coz the shop owner doesn’t speak good english but nice enough to inform that they can’t be mixed with different type. So i decided to buy a pair first. I can only take this picture coz it keeps on swimming here and there heheh

Looks like Plankton is out to get him .. haha

The secret life of walter mitty

Just watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.. well I ended up teary eyed after watching this film. It made me remember how I used to be. Made me miss my ownself..my colorful and fun memories of myself 5 years ago…not the lifeless 8-5 eerr 8-8 zombie I’ve become…There are things that we love and do ..but in life we have to make choices, that sometimes we need to give up what we want or who we are because of our responsibilities and have to live the way we should be…That there is more to life outside our 8-5 day job. ..we need to experience things ..life not just by imagining but by Living ….

a year older ..a year err… wiser?? :P


Doo Doo

I just recently celebrated another year older,  another year wiser (hope so) day in my life. So if anyone of you will ask the numbers… sorry all the numbers in my keyboard is broken…hahaha. This year I have celebrated it simply, no trip overseas or even a simple party.Just a simple day of …enjoying the day .

I  received a new friend …meet him – his name is Doo Doo… Well that was tag said ..then I looked up what does it mean over the internet..well that didn’t sounded right..hahaha.


Tunisian Breakfast

I have started the day by oversleeping aha! no work that day! Yay, able to open my eyes around 11:30 am – now that is a birthday morning (ok ok I am lazy), So I drag one of my friends to eat brunch


English Breakfast

at Wild Honey  – (located in the Mandarin Gallery) where they serve breakfast the whole day, We were able to get there around 1:30Pm. The place is quite packed when we arrived there ,the waiting time is 15-20 minutes ,  as I am gonna faint with hunger we took  the bar seats instead. I ordered the Tunisian Breakfast – Sizzling pan of spicy shakshouka (tomato, onion, red pepper,Chilli) studed with Chorizo Sausage crowned with two fried eggs signature brioche and Israeli Salad and my friend ordered the English Breakfast – the full works . Scrambled eggs, back bacon, cumberland pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms. Dad’s baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine, ripened tomato and signature brioche. Yum yum. The food was nice but I was not satisfied with the service as my friend requested for serviettes and the staff said he will give us ….it never came.Oh well.. It was my first time inside the Mandarin Gallery, I didn’t know that they have quite a number of good shops . One particular shop that caught my interest is the Wood Would.


F*ck You and your blog. haha

Yes like a kid in a carnival, this shop made me smile. I saw this cute journal Fuck you and your blog – that made me laugh… My friend bought it.



Image We bought these as well – travel journals. As I love to travel these caught my interest, I have always  wanted to buy a travel journal but the ones I saw before are quite big and plain, The “I was here” journal is quite interesting . It helps you record your discoveries and has good illustrations on it.  I find the shop interesting and definitely will comeback for more…

IMG_5907 (640x444)

MAP of would wood

After that we went home and played DOTA 2 while waiting for dinner time.

Looking back on the years of my life, I am thankful for all the things both good and bad, that helps me define myself as a person. for those who touched my life, hopefully I have touched some as well. From this day on let me count my blessings more  …

birthday is a day when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party, or rite of passage. The celebration of a birthday usually is thought to mark how old a person is, traditionally stopping when death occurs and only stating that if still alive, they would have been (number of years) old – wiki 

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tis is why I can never be an artist…

coffeeI am having gastric pain for few days now… so coffee is a big No No. And Yay!! Big holidays are coming here in SG..2 days no work …it means, long weekend hohoho…feels like christmas oh yeah ..I am in a holiday mood already today. So I slept late the previous night thinking “la♪♫ la♪ la♫  last working day for the week!” and forgot that the sleepy me is not able to drink coffee to keep me awake for the day. Anyway as the absence of caffeine has finally hit me… and there was no queue in the earlier part of the day. While waiting for customers to walk in while  my boss sitting near behind me,boredom and sleepiness overcame me, since handphones are not allowed to use at work..and I can’t for the life of me snooze in the front line. I decided to draw a picture of me , on how i feel that exact moment. Mmmm not bad at all ….the coffee mug looked so real….haha this is my best work ? hmmnn I think…… and If you are wondering , NO I AM NOT an elementary kid.. then I look at my drawing again..yeah I am an elementary kid haha….ok fine! Then I tried to upload it earlier , but alas I forgot that  most sites are blocked… so it prompt in Full Caps and Bold Letters (MY NAME) You are not allowed to view blog website as per Company policy blah blah blah…oh crap my boss coming near me…errrrrr

ah huh ….What is the kerfuffle all about?

So  I heard the news..The Dan Brown thingy and how he depicts Manila as the Gates of Hell in his latest Fictional Book “Inferno”.. I haven’t read it… so most are enraged? offended? confused?  with this… half (full?) truth or fictional story plot … I am a Filipino and I love my country . But I am not blinded of the ugly and bad side of it.. People might complain ‘ HUH! Di gnun Pilipinas!” (Philippines is not like that).. really ?  if you live in the Fort or Bel-air area,. yeah maybe….This is the truth people fictional or not – it is a reflection how other countries sees us.. dirty..smelly..congested? are you saying  “No we are not???. It is like  seeing someone who haven’t seen you for quite sometime when you used to weigh 100lbs and seeing you now in your glorious 200lbs will say “Uy tumaba ka 🙂 ”  (“You’ve gained weight”- *translated in a bubble wrap of goodness) – or can be translated as “You’ve gotten fat” – ouchh . and there you are ..you got hurt and offended ..It is like that we don’t like when people criticise us.. we get offended..we get offended by the truth or we get offended cause we haven’t accepted the truth and did something about it? . denial stage…If you are happy with it –  good. and if you are not- don’t get offended.. do something about it, as simple as that, Maybe it’s high time , instead of writing complain letters as to why you have portrayed our country as the Gates of hell ,we might want to take a long  hard look as to how our country looks like..and pretend that these things does not exist we wont be able to improve..As long as our concern and love for our country is only done thru likes and share .. we are not able to change the situation.. got to grab this book and see how the story goes ….