Go Japan ♥♥ Tsukiji Market & Mt Fuji

Day 2  

     Woke up early,  drew the curtains and checked if it still raining.  Nice, the rain has stopped. We quickly prepared and  went to the Tsukiji Fish Market to eat our breakfast. We wanted to see if by any chance of luck Sushi Dai don’t have that long queue.  However the moment we walked towards the market, it started raining again. Arggh!  We wonder if one of us is jinxed :P.  There is an Information Counter in the Tsukiji Market.  You can ask them  if you are looking for a particular store, they speak good english and  will help you for directions. In our case we asked for directions for Sushi Dai, it is very famous (based from what I’ve read and those who went here already) for the tastiest and freshest sushi. We are directed to walk past the parking lot then turn right and the building number is 6.



Watch out where you are going or these may ran you over







     People are still queueing even if it was raining. I told myself “Nah I am not gonna do that”, in which a few days after,  I ate my words hahaha.

queue for Sushi Dai

Sushi Dai


     We looked for other eating places beside the Sushi dai, there are quite a few choices and voila!  Saw this store that sell UNAGI!  My friend and  I got both excited as we like to order and  eat this whenever we go to a japanese restaurant back in SG. We ask if they have english menu, they don’t but they have yummy pictures displayed around the  store. We asked the  lady how much is the set in the pix , she pointed to us the price in the list that is in front of us.  JPY 2,600.  It was very tasty. We ask for the name of the store , the lady said it’s “Fukusen” . Best unagi I’ve had so far




     After we checked out of our hotel, we made our way to Shinjuku Station.  It was raining and we have luggages with us, we decided to take a cab.  It cost us about near 2k JPY.  We went to JR Ticket office to reserve our seats.  We will go to Lake Kawaguchiko. There is no direct JR railway to Kawaguchiko,  so we have to go from Shinjuku (JR) Station take the Ltd Express Kaiji (covered by JR pass) to Otsuki.


     They will issue you a green  card that bears the car and seat number . You just have to show it at the station and they will let you in. Just don’t forget to ask which platform number so it will be much easier .

Just look for this green symbol, it is for Green car – reserved seat.


Inside the Kaiji 109.

Inside the Kaiji 109.

they have food stores inside the train station and platform ♥












If you are in a hurry to catch the train, you can grab a bento box and eat it inside the train while travelling. Very yummy :P.   It’s one of the things I like in Japan, you can eat and drink inside the train.



on the way to Ostuki

    Then from Otsuki Station we need to transfer to Fujikyu Railway for Kawaguchiko. Upon reaching the Otsuki station it is easy to transfer and there is no need to  go out of the station. You can also use Pasmo or Suica to pay for the fare or buy the ticket from there.

Go out from here

Just go straight ahead for the transfer exit









Transfer/Exit gate to Fujikyu Railway





They have cute themed trains..

Thomas and Friends




There are few stop overs before reaching Kawaguchiko station in which you can take pictures 🙂



Kawaguchiko Station

Kawaguchiko Station








     Upon reaching Kawaguchiko station we went  to the Fujikawaguchiko Tourist Information. They are friendly and speak good english. If you booked a hotel in Kawaguchiko area they can help to call the hotel once you arrived in the station and the hotel shuttle service can pick you up. After they have helped us call our hotel , just after 5 minutes the  shuttle service came to picked us up.

Fujikawaguchiko Tourist Information

Fujikawaguchiko Tourist Information . Hours open to visitors: Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

We have booked at the Fuji Kawaguchiko Onsen Hotel New Century.  They provide free hotel  shuttle service starting 8:30 am . They have an english speaking staff at the reception  until  6 Pm.  I chose  a Japanese style room facing Mt Fuji. I have requested for high floor and  non smoking room. The view from the  room was great. It  see was a clear late afternoon and we were very lucky to see  Mt Fuji  

view from our room

view from our room


Doraemon and Mt Fuji

Doraemon and Mt Fuji











Lake Kawaguchiko & Mt Fuji


outside the hotel


Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji



Dinner  from Hotel New Century


     After we ate dinner, when we came back to our room they have already prepared the futons for us. The hotel had their own onsen baths.  I decided I wanted to try the onsen.   At night the  ladies can use the  Bldg A – 7th Floor  View Big bath,  for men it is in Bldg B 1F.  When morning comes it will be reversed. Women will use the  B1F and men will use the 7th Floor.  It was a different experience for me.  As it was my first time and not used to seeing naked women , at first I felt kind of shy, however when I overcome my shyness, I started to enjoy the onsen.  Cameras are not allowed (thank goodness!) so no pix how it looks like inside :P.  The hot water helps to relax your tired muscles while looking the serene outside view.  It is a must try experience. 🙂

Onsen Schedule

Comfy Futons

Comfy Futons



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