Go Japan ♥ Preparation

      Since I was young, I have always wanted to go to Japan. This year, I decided to go and celebrate my birthday there. My friends went with me to celebrate, aren’t they the sweetest? ♥

       We decided to go free and  easy for 10 Days :).  After several late nights of researching and planning, finally! I was able to draft my itinerary, how to’s, how much entrance , fares , budget etc.  Last thing I need is to be penniless in a foreign country right? ;).  Most websites I have checked recommended to use Hyperdia.com for checking of train routes and schedules.  The site is very useful. It helped me planned routes and estimate the train fares as well.  Yay!  I was able to build my confidence that  we won’t get lost (hopefully). When I saw the Tokyo Metro Subway Map, my nose almost bled and my confidence was smashed  :).

         I booked all our accommodations through agoda.com.   Here is the itinerary I planned:

  •  Arrival and 1 night stay at Ginza (1 night)
  •  Lake Kawaguchiko (wanted to see Chureito Pagoda and Mt. Fuji)(1 night)
  • Kyoto ( 3 nights)
  • Tokyo  ( 4 nights)

       I also went to the Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO) here in SG.  I was able to get  copies of maps and travel guides for Kyoto & Tokyo  that will be very useful.

      I rented a pocket wifi and mobile phone from Pupuru, the service is good and hassle free.  They reply quickly if you email them for any enquiries  (Mon-Fri.).  I have requested it to be delivered to our hotel.  This video is from their youtube ad:


   We bought Japan Rail Pass from H.I.S.Singapore. There are two types : Green  and Ordinary. Green – need to be reserved and first class ; Ordinary – non reserved seats. You can choose from 7 days, 14 days and 21 days pass.  We have bought the  Green Car  7 days pass.

     Planning and Packing – This is the real challenge hehehe. I am  still learning the art of travelling light :P.  I decided to use my small luggage and  my friend will use a bigger luggage so I can also  stuff it with my things. Now let the adventure begin….


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