Brothers Ramen

Today, I tried this ramen  store near my office.  I like the concept.  The  Menu  is available outside the store and  inside as well.  Make sure you know what you want to order, as they only have a self service ordering counter 🙂

20150811_123253                                               20150811_123127

Payment is by Cash and by NETs  and have to order through this


Once you have placed your order, a receipt and order number will be given…..

20150811_212043           and  wait for your order number to be called…..                                                                         20150811_122940

I find the design inside the shop very cute.  I was amused by the heart-shaped lighting


 Their story is being told by these:

20150811_122907         20150811_122747

the Noodle Room, It’s where the homemade noodles using their own recipe are being made


Oishi!!! ♥ I ordered the Brothers Set, added an egg, vegetable (free) and oolong tea. The soup base is very tasty, and I find it just nice for my taste buds, Yum yum.  Will I come back and eat here again?  Definitely YES!  So if you craving for a feel good ramen, come and visit their shop. 


Brothers Ramen

International Plaza

10 Anson Road  #01-20

Singapore 079903

Price range : Around S$15 for Set meal.


Mon-Sat  11:30 am – 8:30 pm

Contact info:

94377267  /947626

                         For more info you can visit their website or Facebook page

Happy Eating!


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