Me and Jillian

dumbellsWell…I owned these for about two years now … and finally…yes finally (nodding my head in disbelief),  after my long procrastination , I was able to use them . You are asking me what made me decide to move my butt and exercise? My answer  :To be healthy and fit.Yeah right! hahaha.  Aside from going to Bohol and planning to go on the beach for summer, I have accepted the fact that  I am not as young  as I used to be and having reached my 30s (don’t ask me which part 30s I’m referring to 🙂 ) ,and throughout the years of being a couch potato and the only exercise I have done is exercising my fingers by using the remote control in changing the channels when I watch TV or by playing D3 or CIV 5  in my PC  (which keep me sane ,by the way ). Yes, I am trying to change a bit of  my lifestyle by doing a 20 minute plus exercise a day, or else die early or something like to that effect as the doctor said when I had my annual physical exam. No major illness (thank God) , but I was advised to lose weight and do some lifestyle modification = exercise and diet. And so I am  in the road of going back to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. No major dieting ( I will go mad if I do haha) but to  just  eat in moderation and   exercise  —> I am trying this exercise for 30 Days – 30 Day Shred Level1. And oh boy, It felt like dying on my first few days – My legs , feet and arms were screaming and cursing me as I drag and make them work for me . Maybe they wondered what is happening and they were shocked,  the panting and grunting as I push my body to adapt on these new routine. Whether I get back on the track and see results and will this exercise will be effective… we will see after the 30 days If will stay faithful to thee…


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