Happy fiSh…

I went to a pet store today as I need to buy new fish for my aquarium as the old ones had gone to heaven..may their scales rest in peace…. As i was choosing which fish to buy,  one fish caught my attention. It was like looking and smiling at me .I even have to ask my friend “can you see that?it looks like it is smiling at us!”. I need to confirm I haven’t gone bonkers haha. My friend and her brother agreed that the fish really looked like smiling. So I decided to buy a pair .I don’t know what  they are called coz the shop owner doesn’t speak good english but nice enough to inform that they can’t be mixed with different type. So i decided to buy a pair first. I can only take this picture coz it keeps on swimming here and there heheh

Looks like Plankton is out to get him .. haha


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