a year older ..a year err… wiser?? :P


Doo Doo

I just recently celebrated another year older,  another year wiser (hope so) day in my life. So if anyone of you will ask the numbers… sorry all the numbers in my keyboard is broken…hahaha. This year I have celebrated it simply, no trip overseas or even a simple party.Just a simple day of …enjoying the day .

I  received a new friend …meet him – his name is Doo Doo… Well that was tag said ..then I looked up what does it mean over the internet..well that didn’t sounded right..hahaha.


Tunisian Breakfast

I have started the day by oversleeping aha! no work that day! Yay, able to open my eyes around 11:30 am – now that is a birthday morning (ok ok I am lazy), So I drag one of my friends to eat brunch


English Breakfast

at Wild Honey  – (located in the Mandarin Gallery) where they serve breakfast the whole day, We were able to get there around 1:30Pm. The place is quite packed when we arrived there ,the waiting time is 15-20 minutes ,  as I am gonna faint with hunger we took  the bar seats instead. I ordered the Tunisian Breakfast – Sizzling pan of spicy shakshouka (tomato, onion, red pepper,Chilli) studed with Chorizo Sausage crowned with two fried eggs signature brioche and Israeli Salad and my friend ordered the English Breakfast – the full works . Scrambled eggs, back bacon, cumberland pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms. Dad’s baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine, ripened tomato and signature brioche. Yum yum. The food was nice but I was not satisfied with the service as my friend requested for serviettes and the staff said he will give us ….it never came.Oh well.. It was my first time inside the Mandarin Gallery, I didn’t know that they have quite a number of good shops . One particular shop that caught my interest is the Wood Would.


F*ck You and your blog. haha

Yes like a kid in a carnival, this shop made me smile. I saw this cute journal Fuck you and your blog – that made me laugh… My friend bought it.



Image We bought these as well – travel journals. As I love to travel these caught my interest, I have always  wanted to buy a travel journal but the ones I saw before are quite big and plain, The “I was here” journal is quite interesting . It helps you record your discoveries and has good illustrations on it.  I find the shop interesting and definitely will comeback for more…

IMG_5907 (640x444)

MAP of would wood

After that we went home and played DOTA 2 while waiting for dinner time.

Looking back on the years of my life, I am thankful for all the things both good and bad, that helps me define myself as a person. for those who touched my life, hopefully I have touched some as well. From this day on let me count my blessings more  …

birthday is a day when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party, or rite of passage. The celebration of a birthday usually is thought to mark how old a person is, traditionally stopping when death occurs and only stating that if still alive, they would have been (number of years) old – wiki 


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