tis is why I can never be an artist…

coffeeI am having gastric pain for few days now… so coffee is a big No No. And Yay!! Big holidays are coming here in SG..2 days no work …it means, long weekend hohoho…feels like christmas oh yeah ..I am in a holiday mood already today. So I slept late the previous night thinking “la♪♫ la♪ la♫  last working day for the week!” and forgot that the sleepy me is not able to drink coffee to keep me awake for the day. Anyway as the absence of caffeine has finally hit me… and there was no queue in the earlier part of the day. While waiting for customers to walk in while  my boss sitting near behind me,boredom and sleepiness overcame me, since handphones are not allowed to use at work..and I can’t for the life of me snooze in the front line. I decided to draw a picture of me , on how i feel that exact moment. Mmmm not bad at all ….the coffee mug looked so real….haha this is my best work ? hmmnn I think…… and If you are wondering , NO I AM NOT an elementary kid.. then I look at my drawing again..yeah I am an elementary kid haha….ok fine! Then I tried to upload it earlier , but alas I forgot that  most sites are blocked… so it prompt in Full Caps and Bold Letters (MY NAME) You are not allowed to view blog website as per Company policy blah blah blah…oh crap my boss coming near me…errrrrr


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