ah huh ….What is the kerfuffle all about?

So  I heard the news..The Dan Brown thingy and how he depicts Manila as the Gates of Hell in his latest Fictional Book “Inferno”.. I haven’t read it… so most are enraged? offended? confused?  with this… half (full?) truth or fictional story plot … I am a Filipino and I love my country . But I am not blinded of the ugly and bad side of it.. People might complain ‘ HUH! Di gnun Pilipinas!” (Philippines is not like that).. really ?  if you live in the Fort or Bel-air area,. yeah maybe….This is the truth people fictional or not – it is a reflection how other countries sees us.. dirty..smelly..congested? are you saying  “No we are not???. It is like  seeing someone who haven’t seen you for quite sometime when you used to weigh 100lbs and seeing you now in your glorious 200lbs will say “Uy tumaba ka 🙂 ”  (“You’ve gained weight”- *translated in a bubble wrap of goodness) – or can be translated as “You’ve gotten fat” – ouchh . and there you are ..you got hurt and offended ..It is like that we don’t like when people criticise us.. we get offended..we get offended by the truth or we get offended cause we haven’t accepted the truth and did something about it? . denial stage…If you are happy with it –  good. and if you are not- don’t get offended.. do something about it, as simple as that, Maybe it’s high time , instead of writing complain letters as to why you have portrayed our country as the Gates of hell ,we might want to take a long  hard look as to how our country looks like..and pretend that these things does not exist we wont be able to improve..As long as our concern and love for our country is only done thru likes and share .. we are not able to change the situation.. got to grab this book and see how the story goes ….


3 thoughts on “ah huh ….What is the kerfuffle all about?

  1. Hehehe, Filipino is well renowned onion-skin nation, they don’t accept criticism only praises, so they can shout out loud “proud to be Filipino” thingy.

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