what does happiness look like??

Well once in awhile some of us may ask this question what does happiness look like???  It may have been staring us at our face.. some may have almost had a glimpse..almost… some may have seen the back of it… It is the constant pursuit of happiness.. If you ask your self now what will make you happy…then your self now will  give you an answer… and  2 or 3 years down the road you were able to get your answer… for awhile you might be happy … but if you ask yourself again what will make you happy then yourself will give another answer and so it goes on and on ..so i ask myself what does happiness look like –for me…. I may have seen it or believe I have seen it..maybe…Is it a eternal chase?  a pursuit to nothingness? or at the end of the pursuit I’ll be able to reach the end of the tunnel— happiness..who knows what important is I am walking towards this tunnel til I reach it I wont stop…..


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